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This website is all about the sale/lease of hospitals and various other medical equipment. This is a global venture to connect hospitals to potential investors worldwide.

Register with us and verify your credentials. The existing registered investors will know about your posting. Interested investors will contact you directly after viewing your credentials. We will also notify you through email alerts. Also, we alert you every time a new investor steps into the portal matching your criteria.

We understand your privacy. You will have a perfectly secured account. The visitor is allowed to see only minimal information and until one has taken a premium package, they cannot other details to contact.

The website is fully loaded with hospital owners and potential investors. This population is always on the lookout for new/used hospital and medical equipment. List your business here in the appropriate category and thenbuy/sell/lease and get confirmed business leads.

Yes. offers services to small and big hospital owners. Signup with usand potential investors will be notified.

Yes, we have filters to refine your search so that you find hospitals within your budget specifications worldwide and contact the people directly who has posted the hospital details.

Yes. You can post your listings if you have the written permission of the hospital owners to list their hospital, equipment to find investors worldwide. Do ensure that you have written permission from hospital owners for the same else you may have litigations for listing others assets without their permission as it is illegal and we are not responsible for any content that you post on the site and you need to act responsibly for it.

You are free to compare the hospital and medical equipment postings listed in our website from the search results based on your criteria and take a judicious decision most suitable to you. You are advised to do your due diligence about the details posted by others before you undertake any final decision to close the deal.

Registeration is free of cost and zero brokerage. For contacting people directly, there is only a small subscription charge to pay the details of which are mentioned in “ Upgrrade your package” option.

We are only an information portal; we do not facilitate payment between parties. We only provide information on potential buyers, hospitals, and its medical equipment for sale.You must check each and every detail with the prospects before entering into any deal. The due diligence needs to be done by you and we are not responsible for any details posted by users.