The world’s biggest and most developed “sustained emergency clinic” was revealed for the current week at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. The 2,000 bed underground medical clinic is intended to guard patients and staff many meters subterranean regardless of whether rockets and rockets are falling over the ground – on the off chance that the city ever faces the sort of assault it did during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. It is additionally intended to keep out compound or organic weapons.

Rocket assaults by Hezbollah and Hamas were the driving force behind the development of the Sammy Ofer Northern Regional Underground Emergency Hospital at the grounds of Rambam. Over the previous decade, rocket assaults have crushed both the far north and south of Israel. During the war in 2006, and during “hot” periods over the previous decade in southern Israel when Hamas psychological oppressors have dispatched many weapons daily against focuses in the Negev, both Rambam and Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon (where a comparable, yet littler underground office is under development) had to move basic tasks underground.

The new office guarantees that parental figures will have all the hardware and apparatuses they have to keep thinking about patients, and to manage the inundation of patients liable to require treatment if the medical clinic goes “on line.”

In ordinary occasions, the three level underground structures will be utilized as a leaving office for up to 1,400 vehicles – itself a significant expansion to the clogged Bat Galim neighborhood the medical clinic is situated in. Be that as it may, incorporated with the dividers and floors of the office are electrical plugs, associations, climate control systems and radiators, water and filtration frameworks, and everything else expected to move medical clinic activities underground? The change of the office from parking area to emergency clinic will take under 48 hours, medical clinic authorities said.

Development of the office was a significant specialized and designing test, the authorities said. The office is so profound underground that it’s most minimal bit reaches out to a few meters underneath the water table, and that necessary the siphoning out of a huge number of liters of water.

At the point when development started in late 2010, the primary stage was the pouring of 7,000 cubic meters of cement to shape the base of the office – utilizing a great part of the solid accessible in northern and focal Israel at that point, with no other cement accessible for different ventures for a considerable length of time previously or after.

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