The Lifeline Express is the world’s initial seven-mentor emergency clinic train gave by the Indian Railways to carry clinical and careful human services to doorstep of the rustic populace who can’t arrive at a medical clinic.

The Lifeline Express (LLE) has two activity theaters with a sum of five surgical tables fitted with world-class gear and instruments.

At every area the LLE serves around 8,000 recipients reestablishing sight, hearing, portability, fixing congenital fissures, rewarding epilepsy and dental consideration.

The Impact India Foundation has presented screening patients for oral, bosom and cervical malignancy, just as, testing for circulatory strain and glucose.

Six railroad carriages have been reconstructed to make a ‘careful clinic on wheels’, empowering for nothing out of pocket clinical intercession for enormous gatherings of ruined individuals in difficult to-arrive at regions who remain with no type of social insurance administrations in India.

Since our beginning up in 1991, in excess of 600 000 incapacitated individuals in India have been treated for superfluous handicaps, for example, clubfoot and musculature issues, center ear entanglements, waterfalls, tooth issues and congenital fissure locally available the Lifeline Express.

In excess of 100 000 medicinal services experts – from the two India and past – have contributed with their aptitudes and capability, and in a cost proficient way established the framework for another life for a large number of crippled individuals. Demonstrating our idea’s proficiency, it has now been copied with four Lifeline Express trains in China notwithstanding two in South Africa.

The Lifeline Express has gotten various qualifications, including United Nations’ Grand Award for Excellence in Public Service, just as being respected by the Indian government with the arrival of a national stamp with the picture of Lifeline Express.