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The journey of life always brings with it new challenges which fill us with enthusiasm to pursue it. So was I, full of excitement when back in 2010 I had joined a renowned hospital as its Marketing Head and embarking on this new journey of life. The focus of my work was to increase the revenue of the hospital through more patients, tie-ups with private doctors, corporate, empanelments and direct walk-ins.

After my initial years with the hospital, I worked closely with the core management team of the hospital. I witnessed the hardcore reality of what the hospital was going through. This lead to many decisions which had an adverse impact on the life of patients.

Behind the flashy interiors and the snow white linen sheets, the hospital incurred significant losses. The operational costs were way too high. Profit margins and the increasing competition from existing and new branded hospitals in the city posed a huge threat. Before that, I had never given a thought to all this. But when I saw the reality, I knew that nobody at that point of time would want to be in his shoes. His business was in a bad stage and he had massive bank loans and EMI’s to pay off, and more importantly a family to run.

As the enterprise was not in good shape, my boss’s close friends and some business partners. This left him as a distressed man needed support. They asked him to give their invested money back! All methods followed by him to make a sufficient amount of money from the hospital failed miserably. The man who was once known for his cheerfulness and calm became rude, impulsive and under much stress. He spoke in close confidence to his chartered accountant and few people in the local city. But could not find investors to buy the hospital with such a massive investment.

He became insane to earn money in every single possible way from the hospital.

Huge revenue targets stood fixed for the marketing team. There were unnecessary investigations, admission of ignorant and vulnerable patients in private wards and ICU, surgeries while patients could be treated by medication. Doctors were instructed with all these. They did things like putting more stents, implants, increase bills, file false mediclaim bills, sell expensive and avoidable, medication etc. IPD admission staff was instructed to prioritize and allocate hospital bed firstly to cash patients and for surgeries. This can earn maximum revenue for the bed. The hospital turned away empaneled patients from admission as revenue was far less and on credit as compared to a cash patient.

He had set-up the hospital with the motive to help and heal people had now turned into a money making business. I saw patients taken for a ride and exploited. I remembered my mother who died few yrs back when hospital bed and treatment was not given to her during stage 1 of breast cancer by another corporate hospital. She was an ECHS empaneled patient. I got disturbed when I realized the truth.

While he struggled with all this pressure, sad news came in as a huge shock to all the employees of the hospital. His business partner had committed suicide because of the substantial loss he too was in. His family members blamed our boss for his death. Can you imagine what the man had to go through in that instance? Accused of taking another person’s life when you try to make things better for everybody is a severe trauma.

In the end, all his attempts failed. He succumbed like a person succumbs to an injury. The bank auctioned his hospital and the reputation lost in the market. So many cases filed by vendors, staff for their salaries, dues and he ended up with many court cases for so many years. There were regular visits from the police and vendors to his house in his absence. They questioned his family members. All these only worsened his case.

I always kept asking my boss why he never sold/ put on lease his hospital much earlier. if so, this situation doesn’t come to such a sad end. His reply was simple:

a. How and from where do I find an investor for my hospital? I am a doctor working morning to night at my hospital. Neither do I have the contacts or time to travel worldwide to find investors and do a sales pitch to them.

b. If people in the local market ever came to know that my hospital is not doing well financially, my doctors, good staff will leave asap. I will lose my market reputation built in past many yrs. Vendors will start approaching for their pending bill payments, and it will lead to a further downfall of the hospital.

Imagine you witness something as severe as this? At the same time feel helpless because you cannot contribute in any way to help the other? The thoughts of it never leave you until you find a solution to it.

I kept thinking why should one construct a new hospital with massive loans & EMI when the investor-hospital-patients were all under great stress?  Was it a lose-lose-lose option for all? 
If the hospital business is profitable the patients do not have to undergo unwanted tests, surgeries and massive bills?

I have worked for many years to find a win-win solution for hospitals and patients. So I came up with an idea. Any hospital owner can register their hospital for sale free and at zero % brokerage to seek investment from investors online around the world. We maintain the anonymity of the hospitals with encrypted data so that their reputation will not be jeopardized.

Hence, I want to achieve three goals with this portal:

1. Save struggling hospitals from death by getting suitable investors worldwide. They can either buy or take the hospital on a lease. Help the hospital owners from reaching a sad dead end like what had happened with my boss.

2. Help Investors. Now investors need not build new hospitals and repeat the same mistakes above. They can get good revenue quickly if they buy or lease distressed hospitals anywhere in the world. The investment will be far less and also the hospital already has existing patient flow.

3. Help patients. A huge amount of money is not required to run a new hospital. There is no need for them to do anything unethical to patients for a quick ROI, EBITDA. This saves patients from unwanted tests, expensive medications, admissions, surgeries, implants in the body and lower patient bills.  Hospitals can admit empaneled patients and their life will be saved. The hospital will not be under the stress to earn maximum revenue today itself and take short term decisions.

So for any hospital in a similar situation, there is a bright ray of hope in the form of

Here you can find a hospital investor of your choice from the investors listed. Register for free.

At times of trouble, we are here with you.


  1. Dr. Rajeev Gupta

    Brilliant idea with excellent aim in the mind. It’s a new idea with huge potential to save everyone-investors, hospitals and patients.
    I think genius lies here. The site has a huge potential worldwide to serve the society in a meaningful way. My good wishes for the success of this idea.

  2. A great initiative and having seen the healthcare industry go from the heights of ethical doctors and hospitals with a service mentality to the current lows, this is a welcome change which allows hospitals an opportunity to partner with well-meaning investors and reach a win:win arrangement for the patients.

  3. Veena Madhusudhanan

    A real beneficial platform for fixing the revenue issue for the hospitals. Hats off to Amrit! I’m sure that this portal will make a huge change in the healthcare industry.

    Good luck!

  4. Master brain with a master stroke !
    Very unique approach for hospitals and investors. Keep it up.

    Dr. Harsha

  5. Dr. Poonam Arora

    We appreciate your unique, out of the box contribution and valuable efforts towards hospital and patients. I agree that time has come for investors to buy distressed hospitals or take on lease instead of building new ones.

  6. Hi Amrit, I really appreciate to be choosed by you as a reader of this article. Your unique & original ideas about a clean way to get enough EBITDA without abandoning ethical principles is a plus in this portal.
    Cheers. Success is with you!

    Your friend, Luis.

  7. This is what is need of the hour for patients. Great Job – well done.

  8. I appreciate your unique, innovative concept and hard effort towards hospital and patients betterment. It will help investors to buy hospitals or take on lease with lower investments instead of building new ones from scratch. I must say, it is a game changer for the healthcare industry.


    I am really overwhelmed by your original ideas which you have got by your own vast healthcare experience and I really appreciate your creativity which you have got by your in depth knowledge about the hospital business , and in a way you are helping the entire healthcare industry and patients.

  10. Sachinjeet Kumar

    I really appreciate your vision and idea in the booming healthcare sector worldwide. Your vision will lead for better ecosystem for a fresh hospital to incubate and also gives the patient a better sense of care and lower patient bills. Since cost incurred in setting up a new hospital will go down with this idea , thus the chance of new setups providing ethical and transparent treatment to patients will increase too. I wish success to this dream.

  11. Not many people find it in themselves to think about others while seeing the difficult times of life. I am glad and thankful for having known you and even more grateful to the Almighty to have worked with you in some way. This is an excellent way to deliver goodness and pay back to this world with, humanity. Though many of us speak of humanity, practicing it is not all that easy. You are doing a wonderful thing with this work which will benefit patients, hospital and investors and this idea is a success worldwide. I look forward to find a way to working with you again.

  12. Valuable idea for bringing a change in the healthcare industry.

  13. Very brilliant and unique idea. This way many hospitals can sail through the troubled waters. A very good beginning.

  14. Great initiative- Best of luck

    Dr Naval

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