While healthcare facilities in the United States is normally ridiculed as being a political mess, it is true that some of the world’s best doctors and facilities are in North America.
However, that does not mean that hospitals located across the globe, and even in third world countries should be excluded.

Here are five different hospitals from around the world:

1) Bumrungrad International Hospital
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Bumrungrad International Hospital is the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia. Built in 1980, this modern hospital is a one-stop center with 580 beds and over 30 specialty centers.

Bumrungrad International offers state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. Bumrungrad International serves 1.1 million patients annually, including over 520,000 international patients. The hospital uses the latest in healthcare equipment from electronic medical records to robotic technology and has been the recipient of multiple international awards in healthcare.

2) Clemenceau Medical Center
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Clemenceau Medical Center is a John Hopkins affiliated private hospital located in the Middle East that opened in 2006. The hospital was bestowed Best Sustainable Hospital and Best Design by the Inaugural Hospital Build Awards.

The hospital is the modern facility with 158 beds that mimics a five-star with amenities for visitors such as valet parking, restaurants, and gift shops that make it an attractive destination in the medical tourism industry.Clemenceau Medical Center houses all the specialty branches and offers a completely film-less digital medical imaging environment, and has built and equipped the most modern 11 Operating Theaters in the world complemented by advanced laparoscopy and OR automation systems, which in turn, provide real-time video teleconferencing from any Operating Theater with the main auditorium and the outside world.

3) Akershus University Hospital
Location: Lorenskog Norway

Akershus University Hospital is a public hospital in the Lorenskog province of Norway that was made in 1961. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Oslo and is considered a teaching hospital for medical students. When the hospital was founded, it was imagined as a massive art project that today makes it a mass public space.
The visual experiences brought on by the art was created to help soothe patients as part of their treatment.

Akershus University Hospital has 699 beds in a physical sector (including technical beds – neonatal, heart supervision and intensive care), and 254 beds in a psychiatric area and 9500 employees.

4) Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre
Location: London, UK

Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre is easily the most aesthetically pleasing hospitals on this list. Even though it is a medical center, its colorful facade makes it one of the most eye-catching buildings in all of London.

The Centre is focused on children who make it able to be playful in its design but more importantly; it provides compassionate care that is always centered on being family friendly. They treat people in 32 locations in and around London. It suggests that we can provide more first-class attention and treatment in the community, closer to where people live and work

5) The Africa Mercy Ship
Location: African Coast

The Africa Mercy Ships is the one hospital here that really is not on land. Just as the name suggests, the Africa Mercy Ship is a floating hospital weighing 16572 tons that have had over 3400 people from 72 countries serve onboard since 2007 to care for the thousands living in poverty.

The ship was established as an international charity in 1978 and since that time has cared for more than 15 million vulnerable people around the world and is the largest civilian hospital ship in the world.

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