Medical Equipment Industry Trends in 2016

The Medical Equipment Industry is going through a lot of changes in the last 12 to 18 months. This blog tries to capture some of the innovations in the industry.

Medical Equipment Industry Trends 2016

Technology is rapidly growing in various industries across the globe, so it is with medical equipment and healthcare platforms. Currently, the worldwide market is valued at $228 billion and is growing at 4.4% annually, with Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic and GE being the top 3 therapeutic device producers.

Advanced and digital medical equipment deliver faster, cheaper and more efficient patient care.

Some of the latest developments in this field include:

ATI Neurostimulator
A severe headache has signified compared with facial nerve bundles, also known as Sphenopalatine ganglion (PSG). Therefore ATI Neurostimulator technology is a tool meant for blocking pain and PSG signals at the first trace of a headache.

Telemedicine system
This equipment is designed for assessment and triage in cases of emergencies. The beauty of this tool is that it can manoeuvre busy hospital halls without human intervention. Telemedicine can also check on patients in different rooms and update their vital signs and charts.

MelaFind optical scanner
Ideally, this innovation is meant to reduce unnecessary biopsy scans on a patient. It also helps in providing additional information on whether to perform a biopsy.

Symphony TCGM biosensor

It’s a needle-free diabetic care machine. The transdermal biosensor can read the blood analysis through the skin without drawing the blood. The sensor performs one reading per minute and sends the data wirelessly to the monitor.

Sapien transcatheter aortic valve

It’s life- saving equipment that is an alternative to open heart surgery. It’s intended for patients who require new valves but can’t stand operations.

Neurosensory Analyzer

Its equipment meant for sensory testing and evaluating nerve impairment. The tool is capable of documenting and generating replies to highly reputable thermal stimuli.

Is a perfect tool for small fibre testing. It allows early detection of diabetic neuropathy and also helps monitor response. It is affordable and user-friendly.

Vibratory sensory analyser

It is used for rapid screening and early detection of diseases and occupational injuries. Also, helps in longitudinal evaluation of sensory dysfunctions.

Black box tool kit

This tool allows monitor accuracy in millisecond timing and avoids replication failures. Also, improves stimulus synchronisation accuracy.

Stimulus presentation system

It provides powerful and accurate stimulus delivery and quick implementation of incentives with high precision.

These improved devices increase survival rates and strike a balance in reducing medical cost.

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  1. Technology today has been giving the world hopes for a more efficient work and results to the people especially in the medical industry. These advanced and digital equipment promotes a much stronger, reliable, and faster patient care. And this brings good news for everyone for that matter.

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