The Role of the Hospital Director of Development:

Running a hospital is stressful. Its a huge challenge for hospital CEOs, hospitals owner operators or hospital administrators to keep hospital revenue on an even keel manage hospital staff, maintain infrastructure, purchase modern healthcare equipment and medical instruments, and supplies and most importantly supply the best, cost-effective patient care.

The place we will start for successful hospital administration is capacity building. Capacity building is a way to strengthen an organization so that it can perform the specific mission it has set out to do and thus survive as an organization. Your hospital must have the people and programs to seek on an ongoing basis Capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) funds from a variety of sources beyond traditional patient fees.

Having a Director of Development function is critical to capacity building. That person is ultimately responsible for securing a stable and growing pipeline of funds. To build a culture of capacity building: program development, marketing and fund-raising skills and abilities, decision making, policy formulation, appraisal, learning and more.

To help your Director of Development or similar here is a valuable list of their responsibilities:

* Design and implement a comprehensive fund development strategy that includes grant funding, donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activities designed to secure revenue in support of operations, as well as explore new funding avenues for on-going capital campaigns.
* Manage a small but growing paid and volunteer development team.
* Write and submit proposals, oversee and/or prepare reports, and manage all grant budgets with senior hospital management to ensure all funds expended, and in compliance with funding requirements.
* Serve as community relations contact, strongly advocating for programs and brand, and committed to educating new supporters about our work and the impact we are making.
* Post news and events on the website and social media to ensure heightened health center visibility.
* Identify, cultivate, and solicit strategic partnerships that will lead to increased and sustainable revenue.
* Develop, manage and continually evaluate systems, policies, processes and protocols around grants management and donor
* Support a committed patient-majority Board of Directors. Serve as senior manager representative on Boards Development Committee and Nominations Committee; attend monthly Board meetings.
* Lead the creation of promotional materials designed to enhance fundraising efforts, build relationships with donors, and increase visibility for the hospital.
* Grow and manage the volunteer process and placement of volunteers.
* Seek online tools and resources around the world.

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