Just like any other business, hospital is also a business.

As a business, it has huge investments from its partners and shareholders who expect to get a higher return of their money invested.

Just like any other business has various types of customers, hospital business too has different level of customers at different price points like

Insurance patients

ECHS patients

Corporate tie ups

Govt. empanelment’s


The above patients or customers are on credit with huge discounts negotiated during the empanelment of the hospital.

Then there is the CASH patient which gives instant cash and highest price and the bed is allocated to this patient as the hospital wants to maximize their daily revenue target. CASH IS KING!  

This is the decision of the hospital management and its founders, shareholders who want to get more and more revenue because the investment in building a hospital is huge and they need profits.

Next time when you meet the “Bed Manager” of a hospital and she tells you politely that Sir, we have no bed available while you sit in the hospital with your cancer patient mother, you know the reason why you did not get the bed.

A hospital bed is not a hotel room bed where one goes for leisure and relaxation when one is fit and the hotel decides to earn more revenue from the hotel room for that day

It’s time we bring a change to this stupid system in the healthcare industry and provide instant care to that patient which reaches the hospital first in need of urgent patient care.

During COVID19 we have seen this widespread problem where attendants are running around the whole city with their near and dear ones desperately for a hospital bed and being denied the same in such an hour of crisis.

What can be done to prevent this blackmailing in future?

  1. Bring a law in the Parliament that hospital services are essential services where non bail able criminal legal action can be taken against the hospital founders and its management which keeps beds idle waiting for a cash patient to turn up and denying the treatment to the one in need who reached the hospital earlier.
  1. Hospitals have to daily update the status of hospital beds in the healthcare ministry website every day. In case of false or wrong information updated, criminal legal action to be taken against them.
  1. Regular surprise checking of hospitals by the health ministry to ensure compliances are met on the ground and not in paper only.
  1. To avoid people rushing from one city to another, use technology of telemedicine, remote ICU monitoring etc. so that patients stay at their home and with a trained caretaker they can be administered treatment and medicine through technology while a doctor comes on home visit as and when required. Hospitals within a few kms radius will be liable to give this paid service for patients so that incase of need, a patient gets immediate treatment from the nearest hospital while staying at home.

This is the change we want to bring and the vision for www.hospitalforsalelease.com where the investment for the hospital owner becomes so less that he provides immediate ethical care to patients in need on first cum first serve basis instead of keeping hospital beds empty in the hope of getting a higher revenue paying cash patient and denying treatment to the needy.