In this post, we are continuing our discussion of hospital funding sources that must be considered by hospital CEOs, hospitals owner operators or hospital administrators. In particular seeking grants from different sources to keep hospital funding stable to attract and keep good staff, maintain infrastructure, purchase modern health care equipment, and supplies and most importantly supply the best, cost-effective patient care.

Grants as a funding source might not immediately be at the top of your list. That said, many hospitals do collect at least a part of their budget this way. There are a variety of ways to go about this. Comply with an existing government program and receive already allotted funds, or alternatively, there are pools of government funds that could send money your way if you or your hospital is a particularly impactful, innovative, or cost-effective. Check at the city, state and national level for opportunities you might be missing out of. There are international funding sources as well to look into. Seek searchable online database of government grants to help you find what you need. For some hospitals, government funding is ideal and straightforward. For others, things like meeting the regulations required or negotiating contracts can prove prohibitive. You will want to do your research and make sure that applying for government grants is in the best interest of your mission.

In a similar category to a government-funded grant, there are also private and public foundations that collect donations and award nonprofit organizations grant money based off of a set of criteria or the foundations stated mission. There is usually an application and approval process for these awards, sort of a nonprofit version of earning a scholarship. There are a few online database resources that can help you in your search. will be building such a database as we move forward.

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