Setting up an independent clinical practice was never easier.

If you don’t want to take out a huge loan to set up your clinical practice, go for the next best alternative – buying or leasing or investing in a distressed hospital in a good patient catchment area.

Simply log on to and start hunting for the right deal at the right price, and at the right place. There are a whopping Rs 8000 crores worth of hospital assets listed on the platform ripe for picking.

An established facility with all the equipment and staff can help you break even early and increase your profitability sooner than you would otherwise expect

Run by a veteran in the industry, is brokerage-free online marketplace, where you can hunt for distressed hospitals, ripe for picking, or even look for unboxed, or second-hand costly hospital equipment that can come for a song. is a mutually beneficial platform that connects owners of distressed hospitals with investors, who have the capital to turn around the hospital/clinic into a profitable, community assets. You could also use this platform to enter into joint ventures with established hospital brands. An upcoming multi-specialty hospital can look for bargain hunts in medical equipment (new or second-hand) both for purchase and lease.

Already is becoming hugely popular with the buyers and sellers. “In February 2018, the site received visitors from 25 countries, 221 cities in 25 states and 3 Union Territories of India,” says Amrit Pal Singh, an MBA with 22 years of experience of in the India and overseas markets.

We now have hospital owners and investors from 150 cities of India registered with us,” says Singh. The number of overseas visitors in the past few months, since the portal’s launch is growing every month.

The listed assets also reflect a cross-section of available hospital properties from a two-bedded eye speciality in Gujarat that’s on the verge of closure to a fully-operational, multi-speciality facility in Andhra Pradesh.  Surprisingly, a small city like Dapoli, which is 215 kms away from Mumbai also has a distressed property listed on the portal indicating a dire need for portals, where interested parties can transact direct business with each other, without the need for a third-party intermediary, thus saving both parties a huge sum of money.

“In my vast industry experience I’ve several good hospitals pushed out of business owing to the soaring infrastructure costs, cost of hi-tech medical equipment, staff challenges, healthcare regulations and fewer patient walk-ins,” says Singh.

“The idea behind is to connect investors from across the world, to such hospitals in remote parts of India, so that they don’t have to file for bankruptcy or take out huge loans to set-up new hospitals.”

A tech-enabled platform, has made it possible for many individual doctors and hospitals to pitch their brown-field or Greenfield projects to a global pool of listed investors, directly. Many hospitals and investors have signed up from more than 150 cities across India including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Chandigarh.

Following a simple yet effective model, makes it easier for investors to register, create search profiles, set up search alerts, and close the deals directly with the user, at zero% brokerage.

As for the listing fee, both sellers and buyers can choose from different packages available on the classified portal and even earn a discount on the done deals. Visitors to the site can use advanced search features to find exactly what they want to invest in, without much ado.

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