Rationalization, Normalization, and Harmonization

Consider what Standardization of Healthcare facilities Technology can do for your Hospital.

A hospital owner/manager should work to standardize healthcare technology limiting the range of makes and models of equipment available to your institution. Your costs and logistical requirements will decrease by concentrating on a smaller range for equipment type. Technical, procedural, and training skills will increase. Breakage will be reduced and downtime limited.

Standardization becomes possible if equipment is planned and ordered with other facilities on a group buying plan. It is important to combine forces with other facilities or health service providers, and it is smart to follow standardization strategies of the local or national Ministries of Health.

Standardizing your healthcare technology may be difficult for a number of reasons.

Your state, country and local businesses may have their own trade practices and interests. Donors may have tied-aid practices, while the procurement procedures of international funding agencies, health service institutions, and individuals may act against your standardization strategies.

Provision of proper maintenance is essential to ensure that the equipment you have purchased continues to meet the standards required throughout its entire working life. To provide maintenance services, you will need to establish good links between maintenance workshops. This will create a network that supports the needs of all your health facilities.

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