How hospital investors decisions affects patient’s and their family

My mother diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 1 by a leading corporate hospital in the city. When we told them to start the treatment, they said sorry, we cannot. Reason?
We were ECHS empaneled patient and the hospital said that they had no hospital beds available for the next three months.

Difficulties facing when we rush to a hospital:

As we did not want to wait for so many months, and rushed for alternative medicine treatment. Those doctors treated my mother for about one year with absolute confidence and guaranteed results.

But we had to rush back to the corporate hospital when her condition started deteriorating. After diagnosis they declared that she is in the last stage of cancer, and they must start the treatment asap to save her life. They immediately admitted her, did chemotherapy and all treatments. But she died after one and a half month. I was in for a shock. We paid a huge amount of expensive medications, treatments, and ICU admission. But she died in one and a half month! But till then the corporate hospital gave us hope that things are improving.

From 2010 onwards I started working as a Marketing head in a hospital. I realized then what had happened with my mother at that hospital. I connected the dots backward.

1. Hospitals take so many empanelments to get bulk patients on subsidized pricing and credit terms. The pricing for an ECHS empanelled patient treatment and bed is far less than what a walk-in cash payment patient pays. Hospitals have allocated a small % of their bed capacity to empanelled patients. Even when many beds and rooms lying vacant, they will say, no beds available for next so many months. They keep beds empty because if any cash patient walks in, they can earn much more money than treating a patient at a subsidized rate.

So, my mother would have survived and lived if that corporate hospital would have started her treatment when they diagnosed breast cancer in stage 1.

2. They started her treatment when after a gap of one year we rushed back. But she died and we paid a huge bill. The hospital knew that she was in the last stage. But they kept charging her with high doses of expensive medications, regular diagnostic test, private room admission, ICU and even on the ventilator. It was their time to make maximum money in that small period of life that my mother had. Our entire family sat outside the IPD praying to God for her good health.

Very early in the morning, the hospital informed us that my mother is no more and to collect the body asap.

Mother did come back home, but it was only her body for cremation while the soul had left. I cried but could do nothing.

Investors build new, shining, huge hospital buildings with massive investment of their money, loans from banks, partnerships. They are unable to recover their investments, ROI, EBITDA and returns promised to partners as per their business plans. The policy decisions they make for their top management is with just one focus- what is the run rate? How much revenue did the hospital make TODAY?

Hospitals have no patience to wait till tomorrow. They get daily MIS reports of target versus achievement, income, profitability, collections – cash versus credit, income per hospital bed etc.

Investors hire people at huge salaries who are all the time busy in meetings, slicing and dicing the numbers, budgeting, forecast and making ppt. These expensive people in the hospital management are so focussed on excel sheets numbers calculations. They have no time to meet face to face with patients or even listen to their own doctors facing insufficient resources for treating patients. They take decisions without knowing the ground reality or understanding the culture of the country, city.

When we rushed in distress to such a corporate hospital with our old mother, ignorant and vulnerable, we hoped to get her the best ethical treatment to save her life. We got a curt reply from the person at the hospital, that no hospital bed is available. This is because they have to achieve their daily run rate revenue target. The hospital bed goes to the cash patient which can earn the highest revenue for the day. Hospitals proudly display the designation of such a manager in the cabin doing this dedicated role as ” Bed Manager“. This highlights how important this role is.

Isn’t it time somebody at the top, the investors stop building new hospitals with massive loans and buy or lease only distressed hospitals available worldwide? The hospital bed earnings alone should NOT be the only criteria for a hospital investor anymore. Instead, think about treating a patient.

What will you do if this happens with your mother?

Why can’t investors set up hospitals without hospital beds to save lives and provide care just like

Now let us work together and bring a change in the healthcare industry by spreading this idea worldwide


  1. Veena Madhusudhanan

    Great article, Amrit.
    Trust me, You are going to make a HUGE change in this industry. 🙂

  2. Surely you will achieve success with this portal.
    This scenario should never repeat. We all are with you.

  3. We are all with you.

  4. You are doing something very important. Howard

  5. Dr. Rajeev Gupta

    The site is a novel and great idea. Many hospitals fail during the initial years after starting hospitals. The medical instrumentation and technology is becoming expensive year by year. Not only the initial investment but the maintenance and upgradations of the technology has become very expensive, particularly as the currencies in the developing world are losing their values faster. The investors, despite their best intentions, cannot cope up with the overheads, leading to medical financial malpractices. The patients are given expected expenses for the treatment, but the final bills are almost triple in many hospitals, including many prestigious corporate hospitals (a deliberate attempt to befool hapless patients). Many times doctors are motivated to do inappropriate procedures, tests and to prolong hospitalization in order to inflate the hospital bills. Even most doctors are finding difficulty with such financial malpractices of the hospitals. However, doctors become helpless, as they are working for these hospitals. It seems even big well-equipped hospitals (in fact more often) are betraying the clients blatantly, ignoring their reputation. All this vicious circle is largely due to inappropriately high initial cost to investors.

    This site by Mr. Amrit Pal Singh is a great step in breaking this vicious circle. Thus making high-quality health care appropriate, affordable and within reach of a common man.

    Also, we can add the columns for sale of used medical instrumentation (much cheaper) and the package charges for various diseases of middle-end and high-end hospitals. This is to establish the transparency in the health-care industry and to empower patients to choose the hospitals, as per their pocket.

  6. Sir, we are with you on every step.
    As I am also from the hospital background, I know this is true.

  7. Hospitals have become a killing machine in their greed for money.
    It’s time this is fixed by investors of the hospital.

  8. Dr Vivek sharma

    Everyone wants world class care but at no cost enlighten me as to how is that possible logistically,the insurance industry runs the biggest scam in this country they charge huge premiums and find funny reasons for not paying the claims

  9. Sad but harsh reality of today. Nice Initiative. We are with you.

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