Due to budget constraints, many small healthcare organizations or healthcare industry are unable to invest in new medical equipment. Larger hospital face the same scenario.Anddue to major technological advancements, their equipment may become unnecessary and their ROI becomes negligible. In many cases, outdated equipment is replaced with much more advanced versions. At a time when the small hospitals are struggling financially due to increased man power cost, electricity cost, and heavy bank loans, the cost of new medical equipment may put them under a lot of pressure and strain financially.

A solution to this problem is to lease your medical equipment. That way the lessor can earn finances while the lessee can use it to meet his hospitals needs. A lease is a form of financing in which the owner of an asset i.e. the lessor temporarily transfers the right to use of an asset to another party i.e. the lessee. The main advantage to leasing is that it provides a substitute for ownership. The party that leases also gains from not having to spend valuableresources on the equipment. The process of leasing has been in use for centuries in different forms. Many hospital owners prefer to lease equipment as an alternative of buying it and financing it with a loan. The leasing of medical equipment functions just like a loan.

A smaller hospital may be sending its patients to a bigger hospital because they cannot afford an MRI machine or CT scanner. Such small hospitals can definitely increase revenue by leasing used medical instruments. Bigger hospitals who might have replaced these machines with more advanced versions, can easily earn finances by giving this machine, which is no longer of use to them to the smaller hospital. Through this process, the small hospital not only gets the equipment at a? lower cost than its original price but also have? the option of buying the equipment at the end of the lease at a very low cost. For the small hospitals,leasing is extremely profitable as it doesnt involve major cash flow, the hospital owner can pay for the equipment in bits and at the same time also cater to the needs of his patients.

What are Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipments?


Upgrading of Technology

As technology advances, the lessee can add technology solutions to this equipment or upgrade the technology at any point of time. If the leased equipment has depreciated then lessees can easily get rid of the machine instead of being stuck with it for a life time.


With leasing, you can get your equipment within a few days and start providing services to your patients instead of waiting for months to receive your machine.The wait becomes longer if you are buying the equipment from a foreign land.

Cash forecast

While leasing medical equipment you can easily calculate the cash forecast as you know what the lease amount is and the period for which the lease is valid.


At the end of the completion of the lease, the lessee can either give the equipment back, buy the equipment or extend the leasing period. Thus, leasing provides you with a lot of flexible options to choose from, as per your convenience.

Easy form of finance

With leasing, hospitals can avoid unnecessary large down payments and reduce stress and concentrate on the growth of the hospital.

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