How Ambulance Take Advantage of Hospitals : Ambulances have become a central part of the business side of hospitals. Ambulance drivers charge hospitals to bring patients to them and have begun dictating terms to hospitals.

Ambulance service has become the main source of generating patients in hospitals. There is no qualifications and education required for this role, drivers only need to speak the patient language and show empathy in times of distress with patients and their attendants.

This role developed over time as ambulance drivers got to know what their value was to hospitals in revenue generation that were otherwise vacant and bearing massive cost of operations and running in losses.

Hospitals with fewer facilities and medical treatments are full of patients because they agree to the terms of the ambulance drivers. Within no time, these zeroes became the heroes in the market. They started dictating terms and started demanding something in return for their favors.

Ambulance drivers started asking for commissions and even concessions for their relatives. If their demands were fulfilled, the hospitals would be filled with patients. Hospitals are now dependent on ambulance drivers.

As financial pressure builds, hospital owners are left with no choice than to agree with the terms laid down by the ambulance drivers. Ambulance drivers, instead of thinking which is the best hospital for patients to take them in distress, think about themselves. The moment a patient is admitted, they demand their commission is paid at that very moment, even if it is middle of the night.

Even though the hospital owner might be a doctor himself, he is forced by the circumstances covering him and his hospital to finally succumb to the pressure and hire a marketing person who deals with these ambulance drivers only and does a monthly party of liquor and non-veg food, pays cash for patients referred and even money for putting their hospital brand on their ambulance.

We see this case a lot and hospital that do not conform to the will of ambulance drivers lose patients and ambulance drivers openly threaten hospitals that they will not bring patients anymore if their demands are not met.

Big hospitals have found a polished way of dealing with ambulance drivers for increasing their revenues:

1. They call them for “Training” on CPR etc and give them certificate
2. Great food in training.
3. Cash payments.
4. Regular monthly party of drinks.

But nobody is thinking of developing the ambulances network for long-term in the form of upgrading their ambulances vehicles with that technology/ equipment which can save life of a patient who met with an accident on the road and might die before he reaches the right hospital.

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