Hospital Information Systems

Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are essential for all modern hospitals. A hospital simply can not run without well-placed investments in systems that handle the huge amount data coursing through its walls on a daily basis.

A Hospital Information System is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital’s operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, and legal issues and the corresponding processing of services.

Hospital Information System architecture has three levels, Central Government Level, Territory Level, and Patient Carrying Level. HIS are supported in client-server architectures for networking and processing. Most work positions for HIS are currently resident terminal or desktop devices. Mobile computing began with wheeled PC stands. Now tablet computers and smartphone applications are used.

HIS goal is to streamline patient information flow and its accessibility for doctors and other health care providers of healthcare industry. These changes in service improve patient care quality and patient safety over time.
HIS carriers patient record information: patient laboratory test results, and patients doctor information. Doctors can access easily person information, test results, and previous prescriptions. Patient schedule organization and early warning systems can provide by related systems.

Hospital Information Systems provide a common source of information about a patients health history. The systems have to keep data in secure place and controls who can reach the data in certain circumstances. These systems enhance the ability of health care professionals to coordinate care by providing a patients health information and visit history at the place and time that it is needed. Patients laboratory test information also visual results such as X-ray may reachable from professionals. HIS provide internal and external communication among health care providers.

The HIS may control organizations, which is Hospital in these case, official documentations, financial situation reports, personal data, utilities and stock amounts, also keeps in secure place patients information, patients medical history, prescriptions, operations and laboratory test results.

The HIS may protect organizations, handwriting error, overstock problems, conflict of scheduling personnel, official documentation errors like tax preparations errors.

The systems administrator-database administrator is responsible for systems administration to ensure the high uptime of the system and for handling all database back-up and restoration activities.

It takes teams of highly trained people to maintain HIS in a facility: application specialists and trainers, software and hardware vendors, hardware/network engineers and hospital administrator.

The benefits of a well run HIS system include:

Efficient and accurate administration of finance, the diet of the patient, engineering, and distribution of medical aid. It helps to view a broad picture of hospital growth

Improved monitoring of drug usage, and study of effectiveness. This leads to the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.

Enhances information integrity reduces transcription errors and reduces duplication of information entries.

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