hospital equipment investments

Proper control and operation of hospital equipment and good medical instruments will lead to more effective and efficient healthcare delivery.

All hospital owner/operators and their investors want to get the most out of their investments. To do so, manage health service assets must be managed and used efficiently and optimally.

All management takes place in the context of policies and finances. If these are favorable, the management of health care assets can be effective and efficient, and this will lead to improvements in the quality and quantity of healthcare delivered, without increased costs.

A hospital’s most valuable assets which must be managed are its human resources, physical assets, and other resources such as supplies. Physical assets such as facilities and healthcare technology are the greatest capital expenditure in any hospital. It makes financial sense to manage these valuable resources, and to ensure that healthcare technology is selected appropriately and used correctly and to maximum capacity. These valuable assets must also be carefully maintained to lasts as long as possible. Such effective and appropriate management of healthcare technology assets will contribute to improved efficiency and effectiveness. This will result in improved and increased health outcomes, and a more sustainable health service.

Benefits of Hospital Equipment Management

• Hospitals deliver a full service, unimpeded by non-functioning healthcare equipment.
• Equipment must be properly utilized, maintained, and safeguarded.
• Staff can maximum use of equipment, by following written procedures and good practice.
• Hospital management must receive comprehensive, timely, and reliable information on:
• the functional status of the equipment
• the performance of the maintenance services
• the operational skills and practice of equipment user departments
• the skills and practice of staff responsible for various equipment-related activities in a range of departments including finance, purchasing, stores, and human resources.

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