Final Thoughts on Funding

Its important to keep in mind that there are many possible sources of funding for your hospital. It is all about thinking outside of the box and creating a collection of possible funding sources on an ongoing basis.
Sit down with your senior staff ? administrations, doctors, and suppliers. Engage their creativity to get out there and attract additional funding for your hospital.

Create a list of all the up and coming businesses and business people in your area and get their help. Especially speak to people who have been patients or have had family who has been patients in your hospital. You have surely earned their praise and loyalty. Good hearted people always want to give back. Karma will reward them and you.

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We would like your feedback. Have you suggestions for our endeavor. Have you had success with any of the other funding methods we have mentioned in previous articles? Do you have an ingenious fundraising suggestion of your own? Share your story in the comments below!

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