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Innovative Healthcare Technology

Read the most trending News related to healthcare technology only here at our Healthcare Technology section – Everything from cutting-edge equipment, innovative software, extensive use of IoT and Internet and use of big data and analytics to improve decision-making during critical treatments are some of the examples talked about here.

Healthcare Technology Management’s Place in the Health System

The World Health Organization (WHO) uses the broader term ‘health technology’, to include: ‘devices, drugs, medical and surgical procedures – and the knowledge associated with these – used in the prevention, diagnosis and…

Even a free pizza could influence doctors’ prescriptions, finds study

  The study found a total of 2,79,669 physicians received roughly 63,500 payments totaling $1.4 million associated with the four identified brand-name drugs. A simple pizza can dictate a doctor’s prescription. Doctors enjoying…

Dialysis in India – Today and Tomorrow

Dialysis in India – The Context Dialysis in India is becoming more and more popular today. Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations in medicine – and the only treatment that does…

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