Buy / Lease Used Hospital Equipment – Key Benefits

Buy and Lease used hospital equipment for sale and save your facility thousands of dollars every year. Cut down on a frivolous approach to buying brand new material. Budgeting can directly contribute to a hospital’s longevity. It can ultimately lead to an advancement in facilities as well.

The Used medical equipment market has been projected to jump by $5.36 billion by 2021, with a CAGR of 12.7% from 2016. The market share for used and refurbished medical equipment accounts for 15% of all medical equipment sales. But, the growth rate for used equipment is increasing, as at-home healthcare becomes more popular for long-term patients.

Here are five reasons you should buy or lease used medical equipment for sale for your hospital:

1. Eco-friendly approach.

Used equipment can help recycle material instead of contributing to landfill waste. The appeal is to become Eco-friendly and saving money.

2. Tested technology.

Older models of some equipment are time-tested, less error-prone and predictable. Sometimes, the newest technology isn’t full tested and not always the best option.

3. Refurbished means reliable.

Refurbished medical equipment can be leased in near perfect condition, beating out newer models both in price and reliability. The older version can be up to half of the manufacturer cost and save a lot of money.

4. Calculated loss.

Buying or leasing used hospital equipment for sale is not a gamble, but should a machine wear out after a period. The cost usually is negligible. Repairs are typically completed when refurbished and a minimal warranty is also offered. This makes the replacement cheap and a better choice overall.

5. Patient care enhanced.

By spending less on equipment, one can allocate extra funds to accommodate more experienced staff, & enhance the quality of patient care.

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