big-brand-hospitals-are-threatening-small-hospitals The very first aim of a newly setup hospital is occupancy of beds. At a later stage when that objective is met, the brand building comes into play. Branding, branding, and more branding is critical. Successful, established hospitals that have already established a niche for themselves have the budgets to maintain and promote their brands.

As small hospitals and their owners do not have the huge amounts of money to do a business investment or dedicate to marketing activities, they suffer no matter how dedicated they are towards their work. These small hospitals are not able to compete with the big brands and eventually run into losses due to low numbers of patients, high cost of medical equipment, less number of hospital beds being occupied, bank loans and EMIs to be paid back.

How big brand hospitals maintain their edge in the market

• These bigger hospitals through branding and marketing communications which include activities such as logo design are able to create a strong brand.

• Big brand hospitals use a number of methods to maintain the image and popularity of their brand in the market: regular conferences, seminars, events, workshops and medical camps. All of which are expensive and require huge finances.

• Big brand hospitals are able to provide corporate employees special discounts on medical services, add patients and enhance their brand.

• The bigger brands advertise in the print media and publish interviews of famous physicians of their hospitals.

• In sum, the big brands, since they have a name in the market are able to target the corporate sector quite
easily as compared to small hospitals that have not yet established their credibility in the market.

All of these activities are next to impossible for a small hospital and the hospital owner who is struggling with finances. The smaller hospitals that have no funds to carry out such activities are therefore lost somewhere in the race. The small hospitals out here stand no chance in front of these giant brands.

Social Media Marketing and Hospitals

• In a time where everything happens with the click of a mouse, the bigger brands have their websites set up and running. They even provide you with the facility to make online appointments with doctors.

• And since social media is such a huge part of everybody’s life, social media marketing is an integral part of big hospital marketing campaigns with well-qualified individuals to carry out these tasks.

• Tele Marketing, SMS Marketing, and E-mail Marketing are other activities being regularly carried out by the
big hospitals to keep their brands name and presence alive in this competitive race.

• Small hospitals are not able to compete at the same level with the bigger hospitals; even if they establish a small website – they are unable to carry out the necessary activities of digital marketing to maintain their presence online.

Benefits of

The small hospitals unable to carry out all these listed activities, which are extremely necessary to remain in the market, eventually perish leaving the hospital owner in a desperate state.

Small hospital owners who are struggling day and night to make ends meet are not able to keep up with the big brands. Their brands stand nowhere close to the big advertisement banners, brand ambassadors and the qualified marketing managers hired by big brands for their marketing campaigns.

The small hospital owners are also aware that in such a scenario the slow death of their hospital is imminent as it becomes impossible for them to sustain themselves under such heavy competition from big brands literally showering money on marketing activities.

At such a point, these hospital owners are looking for a tiny hope to save their business from dying a slow death.

They resort to desperate measures to save their business, looking door-to-door for an investor.

It is very difficult, as well as mentally a burden, for the small hospital owners to find an appropriate investor like this. If they cannot find one they lose their business. has come up with a solution to enable small hospital owners to find investors easily.

Small hospital owners can now register themselves for free on our website, post their details and find a suitable investor for their hospital by putting the hospital either for sale or for lease online.

Even while their business is not running a profit provides an opportunity for the hospital owners to still negotiate with investors on their own terms and conditions. The website also provides a platform to put up used medical equipment for sale or rental, another funding possibility.

The hospital owners who want to put their hospitals for lease on the website can find a potential investor, pay off their heavy bank loans and the interests associated with it and concentrate on the marketing activities involved with brand building. brings in a new ray of hope for hospital owners, as well as investors. Click here to get registered and save your business before it meets the dead end. And get building your brand.