The amount of capital required to build a new hospital can be staggering. In addition to initial construction costs, proprietors must be prepared to handle the following key expenses which accompany the establishment of a medical center:

The cost of medical equipment
Staffing expenses
Accreditation costs
Marketing expenses
Insurance costs

The cost of new medical equipment alone can exceed one million dollars for a 50 bed hospital with four operating rooms and two intensive care units. If too many beds are left unoccupied, it could take over a decade to break even on an initial investment. And with an 8% average increase in the cost of medical supplies exceeding a 4% average annual revenue growth, potential proprietors are left wondering how they could possibly afford to open a new hospital. Building new hospitals is simply not viable for many people. A solution is desperately needed to help meet the needs for health care.

A Cost-Effective Way to Open a Hospital

Fortunately, there is an answer for people who would like to do a business investment through open a hospital with a modest budget. By purchasing or leasing a hospital that has recently closed, an investor is able to bypass many of the initial costs and hassles associated with building a hospital. The new proprietor does not have to contend with endless construction delays and can capitalize on pre-existing staffing resources if necessary.

Another option for cost-conscious investors is to identify hospitals primed for closure and purchase the pre-owned medical equipment at a fraction of the cost of new products. In many cases, the equipment is in good working order and ready for use. If proprietors have any doubts regarding the functionality of pre-owned equipment, they can enlist the services of a trained biomedical engineer to inspect the equipment and certify the devices for use.

How to Identify Hospitals for Sale or Lease

For the first time, investors who wish to capitalize on the sale or lease of a closed hospital now have a trusted resource to help them identify hospitals for sale or lease in countries across the globe. By accessing a convenient, user-friendly web portal


investors are able to access a list of hospitals for sale or lease. With the use of this portal, potential hospital proprietors have officially embarked upon the road of affordable hospital ownership.