5 advantages putting hospital beds for rent

Putting your hospital beds for rent is an excellent way to put money back into your budget. Because hospital beds are expensive and different types are required for different ailments, hospital beds on rent are an ideal way to save. Those patients requiring long-term care need the extra time and comfort to heal, and home healthcare is the best way to provide that.

In a review conducted by the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Inspector General, 97% of participants responded that they were renting hospital beds instead of purchasing them at full price.
This percentage is high, and because most patients cannot afford to buy a bed at full price, the number is not likely to fall in the future.

Those looking for hospital beds on rent may be looking for features that would cost more as an add-on to a new hospital bed. These include trays, rails, adjustable height and angle, and trapeze grips. Many beds are outfitted correctly for the type of care the patient is receiving. A standard hospital bed with full electric controls can easily cost the patient $150 to $250 per week, depending on their insurance coverage, amounting to over $1,000 per month in rental expenses.

Here are these five reasons why you should rent out your hospital beds convince you:

1. Budget-friendly.

Putting your hospital beds on rent can pad your budget and allow you to make the most of having beds to spare. Instead of letting the lack of patients in your beds make a dent in your bottom line, renting the beds out can bring back a portion of the funds that require patients produces.

2. Guaranteed money.

Health insurance covers most hospital bed rentals, and the payment you receive for having your hospital beds on rent is given to you by the insurance company. This requires care of the risk of not receiving payments on time by patients who are already struggling with other medical bills and gives your budget a guaranteed boost every month.

3. Eco-friendly.

Renting out beds means that materials are being recycled by not purchasing a brand new bed for the purpose of one patient. Each bed, if proper maintenance is maintained on a regular basis, can serve hundreds of patients before becoming inoperable or obsolete.

4. Known issues resolved.

Having an older hospital bed means that all known issues have been corrected over time, making the mechanics much more reliable. Parts for older models cost less and are easier to find and install.

5. Provides affordable at-home care.

Putting your hospital beds on rent to patients means that your bottom line is still growing while providing a way for your patients to be comfortable in their individual homes. The cost of providing meals, medicines, and other facilities is restricted by their monthly rent payment for your beds.

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