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About Founder


The Founder

Amrit Pal Singh, an MBA with 22 yrs. of experience of having worked in India and overseas is a strategist, game changer and an out of the box solution provider.

After seeing many hospitals in past few years from close quarters when he was part of the top management of hospitals, he realized that "Soaring infrastructure costs, medical equipment costs, staff challenges, evolving healthcare regulations and fewer patient walk-ins have pushed many hospitals out of business. There are pitfalls in the healthcare business where even hospitals with the right medical equipment fail to generate enough revenue to maintain their infrastructure. Revenue shortfalls severely impact the income of the business and hospital management are subjected to high stress and pressure, often leading to bankruptcy and leading to unethical treatment of patients.”

He decided to fix the revenue issue for hospitals leading to ethical patient care by assembling a top-notch team to work on this idea for past five yrs.

Here investors can find hospitals worldwide for sale/ lease, medical equipment for sale/ lease and they don’t have to take out huge loans which leads to setting huge targets for all in the hospital and make people resort to unethical treatment of patients as investment is now modest as compared to building a new hospital with huge loans, thus hospitals get revenue positive quickly

Our vision is to build a mutually beneficial platform for buyers and sellers, where the identification of business opportunities is made easy. We bridge the gap between you and better business people willing to invest in the healthcare industry!

My team is excited to be doing this good work which will bring a change in the healthcare industry worldwide.

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